The U-DADE Snood protects your face in public or outdoor sports activities. Made with Dade, a fabric that absorbs moisture and facilitates perspiration. With the guarantee that “you feel fresh and comfortable throughout the day.”


Additionally, it offers sun protection (UPF 40+), so you can use it as a hood, balaclava, or gaiter, especially if you work outdoors.

Do you need a snood to protect your hair?

Snoods have multiple uses, and one of them is to protect hair, beard, and neck from contamination. “They are commonly used in the food industry, medical facilities, and factories.”


The U-DADE Snood is designed to be a versatile accessory and part of your daily outfit.

How to wash the snood?

Washing it is very simple, you only need soap and water. Immerse the garment immersed in a container of water with a bit of mild liquid soap. Soak for 10 minutes, then press, scrub, and rinse it with clean water. The hairnet is durable; it remains intact after several washes. It comes in white, red, blue and gray. It can be customized to match your wardrobe.


If you want to buy a U-DADE snood, visit our website, choose the color you like the most, you can order the quantity you need. Recommended for gifts and business promotion. We help you prepare the budget, and once the invoice is canceled, we take care of coordinating the shipment. We ship to the United States, Europe, and Latin America.

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