TheTritan sports bottle is unique; its design is elegant and is made of a resistant and durable material, which does not break nor stain. “The silicone insert adds a touch of color and is removable” so cleaning is quick and easy.

The lid is screwed tight to avoid liquid spillage. Its capacity is 26oz. It is practical, beautiful, and functional. It is what you need if you are a demanding person with good taste.

An elegant sport bottle to take with you

We have it available in green and orange to match with your sports, gym, or yoga clothes. It makes it easy to take your favorite drink with you. Helps you cool down wherever you are, on the street, field, beach, car, or even when you go shopping. It is an indispensable product for dynamic people who travel or work outside the home.

Do you want to buy this practical Tritan bottle?

Our prices are the best on the market, you can verify it by visiting our website, where you can also see all the product’s details. At wholesale or retail we will calculate the budget and once the purchase is made, we will coordinate the shipment.

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