Sometimes we come up with interesting ideas, or we remember tasks that we have to do and because we don’t have them written down, we lose or forget them. Therefore, it is important to have a card holder for sticky notes. If we are at home, office or school, a sticky note can make a difference and help us in unexpected ways by reminding us of a pending activity or registering an idea that can be great.

A card holder to give away

This beautiful card holder is perfect to give to your friends or family. With a practical design, it is very functional for men and women. It comes in black and red. It is the one you want to promote your company because we sell by unit or by the dozen.

Not only that, but it brings 25 sticky notes in assorted colors and 25 yellow sheets that are also sticky, it has an inside pocket to store documents or cards. In addition, it has an internal elastic band and closes with a zipper.

What are sticky notes for?

They are very useful when you are studying and want to write down or remember an important idea. You can use them if you want to mark the beginning or end of a chapter, assign colors according to the degree of importance of a topic. In short, it is a resource that helps us remember, point out or classify a study topic.

If you want to buy this card holder with multicolored sticky notes, visit our website, choose the color you like the most, you can order the quantity you need. Card holder recommended for corporate gifts and company promotion. We help you prepare the budget and once you cancel the invoice, we take care of coordinating the shipment. We ship to the United States, Europe, and Latin America.

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