A pen consists of a tube of plastic, metal or alloys of different plastics or metals that carries an ink container. At one end, it has the writing tip, which fits into a small sphere or ball, its function is to fluidly regulate the output of the ink when writing on paper.

Features of the Seville Ballpoint Pen

Seville Ballpoint is made with a very sophisticated and elegant Leed design. The main body known as the reed is finished in matte silver, in the central area it has a finely decorated ring, ending in a black tip. In addition, it comes with a premium type black ink cartridge.

By means of a rotary action mechanism, the ink container is stored or arranged. Thus, the tip of the device is protected from blows and prevents staining when carried in your pocket or purse.

And what to use, black or blue ink?

It really depends on the preferences of the writer. There is no universal standard for using black or blue ink. There are people who like to sign with black ink, others identify with the color blue. Thus, the choice depends on personal tastes, and cultural factors may play a role. In Spain, for example, the most used pens are the blue ones.

The important thing is that when using the Seville Ballpoint, you can use the color of the ink that you prefer. So, you can write your notes, sign autographs or documents with a personal and distinguished style.

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