Here we bring you a practical and elegant zippered briefcase. It is very functional and serves to carry documents, pendrive, pencils or pen. There is also space for you to keep your cell phone. You can choose between the colors black, blue, red and white.

Do you need a small portfolio to take to work?

This portfolio version is very versatile and easy to carry in your purse, or briefcase. To keep the little things and place them in your backpack. You can go to the office, school or market without fear of losing your cell phone.

As it is inside?

To begin with, it has a closure or zipper that provides greater security. Inside, on the flap we find a pocket with a gusset to place passport-type documents or to carry cards. In addition, it has space to place USB memory drives and a loop to place a pen.

The pockets are bellows, an elastic material that facilitates the manipulation of each and every one of the objects you want to take with you. On the opposite side we can find a 5 “x 8” notepad.

It is an original portfolio, the best option for corporate and personal gifts. Visit our website to see all the details, we ship by the unit or by the dozen. We make the budget and once you cancel the invoice we coordinate the shipment. We dispatch everyone. We have the best prices and unsurpassed quality

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