Copper Vacuum Insulated is a bottle made of stainless steel that is double-walled with vacuum insulation. It has the adequate capacity to cover your daily hydration needs. Its internal copper lining allows drinks to stay hot for 12 hours, and if you prefer them cold, they remain so for 48 hours. It is ideal for taking coffee to the office, going outdoors, or shopping. It is available in varied and beautiful colors. Perfect to combine with your sportswear.

Why choose Copper Vacuum Insulated?

Because it is a very good travel water bottle, the lid is leak or spill-proof; it is ideal for carrying in the gym bag or backpack. You put it in the side pocket, where it fits perfectly. It is manufactured with the highest quality processes and materials.

Where to buy Copper Vacuum Insulated?

If you want to buy this wonderful bottle, visit our website, choose the color you like the most, and you can order the quantity you need. Recommended for business and promotional gifts. We help you prepare the budget, and once the invoice is canceled, we take care of coordinating the shipment. We ship to the United States, Europe, and Latin America.

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