If you are an athlete, you like recycled products, and you need to carry water or a refreshing drink with you, then it is best to buy the CamelBak Chute® Mag Bottle. Made with renew, a very durable material that contains 50% recycled plastic. It is a very resistant product, it does not break easily. Neither does it stain or smell.

Do you want an elegant and functional bottle?

The CamelBak Chute® Mag Bottle has a handle with a two-finger insert design, it is magnetic, and keeps the cap tight on the container while drinking water. The most interesting thing is that it has the beak of an eel, allowing an adequate flow of the liquid. You can be sure that you won’t have to endure splashes or spills.

Do you need to know the measurements?

This bottle has a 25 oz capacity. 9.80 (inches) height, 3.70 (inches) width, and 3.70 (inches) depth.

It is very practical, handy, and light, making it an excellent option to take it to the beach, the field, the office, and wherever you want. Prepare your favorite drink and enjoy it after a workout or workday. Take it in the car with you without fear of spilling the drink.

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